The Fire of Creativity always starts with us..

Have you ever wondered how you ended up somewhere..WELL, have I got a story to tell you .. I invite you to grab a chair and a cup of tea.


Well here goes folks:

Ya see as Sully n I sit here in this cottage about to embark on writing a book .. my book; there are many things that are occurring all at the same time.. Healing begins right here..Come What May has been my motto for two years.

Imagine my surprise when Miss Sandra said to me in September “Jaye you are going to a cottage by the water to write your book!” Humm .. What… Where.. and I don’t even own a cottage. Ohh and it will be a log cabin style cottage.. Okay Miss Sandra I’ll allow you to chatter on.

Fast forward, you will see my fire I just lit and I am all set up here in this log cabin cottage with Sully Wully sitting on the ledge watching the snow falling in the background. Now I invite you to go back and read that.. Me lighting the fire at the log cabin cottage.. AND there was no newspaper nearby to start the fire, I went into some random bag I grabbed to bring with me and Are YOU Kidding me – Blue Blank Paper in a file folder.. again Are You Frigg’n Kidding me.. Yes indeed; you are not privy to what the significance because quite frankly I forgot about them until this moment.. Again, healing begins.. Every end is a new beginning.. yes indeed New Beginnings start today..

I find myself sitting here reflecting on those folks who were the gatekeepers who opened doors for me to grow and arrive in this spot. Ya see, we often are so busy in our lives we do not take a moment to reflect on how far we have come.. Perhaps you could take a moment to reflect on the ‘You one year ago – two years ago. I hope you feel like doing an internal O Happy Day for the growth you have accomplished. In my world these are “Big Wins” and make me proud of the work I have done.

And so ya see, it is this thing called Internal work or self-love/self care that we are often called upon to do in order to grow to become spiritual aligned or more mindful. How often do we hear folks looking for Health and Wellness in Aisle 4 in stores/on-line and when it doesn’t work out off they go to buy another potion. My own little nugget ‘ya gotta do the Damn Work on the inside. Once we start to heal and feed our soul – our spirit we will become less focused on the outside and more focused on what makes our Happy Heart sing..

And now back to my story of ‘Are You Kidding Me moments.. How often have we been in the company of folks who loved us before we knew how to love ourselves; of folks who saw how Bright we Shined before we even knew we had a Light inside us; of folks who knew we were here for a reason and with some coaxing they showed us the path to our Shining Bright; of folks that encouraged us that yes indeed – slow n steady IS the way and the notion of nothing to do and nowhere to go is the way; of folks who stood by us as we unwrapped our gifts in wonderment, excitement and anticipation of almost being there where ever ‘there was…

I have received far too many downloads from my guides, my dad, my two gramm’s and the Universe saying girl its time to get out there and shine that damn Bright Light of yours.. Get writing .. and keep writing because you have a gift.. you are a gift. As I sit here listening to the crackling of the fire, Christmas music in the background and smelling sandlewood incense burning I cannot for the life of me say Thank You enough to each person I have met along the way on this heartful wellness walk of mine.

I can picture the words as they dance on each page and I can feel the emotions I know they had for me and they may have for you and you. Confidence with no fear of what this will look like is the fuel that feeds this creative venture for me. Ya see Darln’ each of us has a gift deep inside of us and it’s waiting for you to say “Penny, come out and play today”

I am no greater or no less than you because as I have witnessed on this walk if you can achieve it, so too can I. Life is not a competition rather its an opportunity to cheer folks to be the best they can be; to share their gifts with each other; to share Kindness to each person they meet along ‘Life’s Highway.

A rather long post, I am sure you have finished your tea already.

And so the view from the chair today provides a few take-aways; that is, if you have time to read them.

  1. Ya know the Universe really does have your back
  2. If you have a Dream – Never give up even if folks doubt you .. Its YOUR Dream
  3. Just BE YOU – Your Tribe will find you – FACT
  4. Do you take time to appreciate the changes you have incorporated into your life – perhaps a little YES Dance every now and then
  5. Do you take time to spread around your Joy – Kindness to others
  6. Do you have folks in your corner who say “Keep Going” and really mean it
  7. Do you take the time to reflect on how Blessed you are
  8. When was the last time you fed your own Fire of Creativity
  9. Perhaps take a moment to Thank someone for being a Champion in your world

As always, I appreciate you stopping in to read my Blog and hopefully you may find a nugget or two that you can carry with you. Life is more magical that we acknowledge, yes indeed it sure is!

Stay tuned for my book signing because we all will be saying “O Happy Day” . Now back to writing I go.








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