About HeyitsJaye

Who knew I hadpen & paper.jpg a creative side that was waiting to be unraveled.

This little blog of mine is an opportunity for me to feed my creativity by sharing my love of making words dance on pages.  If you are looking for exact grammar, nouns, verbs and sentences that would make for a world scholar.. this is not the Blog for you.

I will share little nuggets with sprinkles of my humor and grace and hopefully I will leave you saying ‘humm I never knew that. I believe that everyone has a story buried deep inside of them and through encouragement, support and love it can set you free and perhaps inspire another person on Life’s Highway.

I am an advocate for many causes especially (#Sicknotweak) Mental Health Issues effecting youth and Homelessness/Marginalized Living Issues. Through having throat cancer and being given a second chance at life, today I enjoy living a minimalist lifestyle, morning meditation, nature walks to refocus and eating beets as often as I can. Teaching indivuals how mindfulness can change their outlook and assist them to come back to the bsics of life is a treat for me. Listening to what inspires people, what their dreams are and what makes them smile or laugh fuels me to keep on this path. I have a lifelong desire for motivating people to be the best they can be. Ohh and please don’t take Life so serious because we gotta laugh at ourselves every now and then.

And so grab a seat, sit back and read away about Sully my eight year old Havanese and me as we share or perhaps overshare about our Joy in the Moment.

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