This Magic Moment …

Do you ever sit and ponder .. what or how magical moments occur?

Do you ever wonder why they seem to occur more for one person than, say another? Or is that a myth?

Why is it that some can savor the moment and others carry anger in their pockets all the time? Do these folks see life – their cup half full OR half empty?

Ya know, I’ve spent a lot of a lot of time pondering: life, things, people, circumstances, joys, sorrows and they all end in the same fashion. That is, this very notion, for me anyway, that life is fragile and beautiful all in the same moment. Ya see, why worry about what others think, or say or yak about what you are doing with your life because they have an entire bucket of their own to look after!

We think we have a lifetime to laugh, make connections, do the things weve dreamt about and then one day you wake up and what the heck life is different, someone has moved the cheese and everything has changed.

Gosh, sooo much has changed in the past two years and I thought “Hey its Jaye, time to get back to pen in hand and write away!” And slow and steady we will write away.. funny things, serious things, things to make you ponder and things to make you say “WOW” I forgot about that thing – experience.

Grab your chair, set aside your critical eye as I type as I speak.. which will mean my grammer is not edited often and that is the way I like it. If you’re looking for stellar stuff, perhaps you can keep walking along πŸ˜‚

I will always invite you to ponder about a few things, perhaps point out a few points and allow you to see through a new lens, one with a little more compassion for all. Yes indeed, we will laugh and try not being so serious. There will be Sully – dog reference and chatter about family things once in a while. I’ll keep the tone light with NO politics or religion in here, however, you will get the odd Sweet Baby Jesus banter here and there.

And so, in closing, hey, thanks for staying this far into this new way to the day Blog.

We’ll see where it takes us

Feel the love πŸ’•

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