Love Yourself Every.Damn.Day

close up of tree against sky

Funny thing about life isn’t it.. No one ever tells us about Self Love!

We go through life, with all her ups and downs, her joys and her sorrows and then we arrive at this spot and wonder wtf happened. Why does it really matter what someone thinks of me – the way I do things, the way I am or even the way I see life. Humm, this one really has made me ponder a lot these past few months.

Imagine a world where you show up as you are,….

Imagine a world where you can love who you love and when you love.. or not  …

Imagine a world where we lift each other up, rather than tear them down…

Imagine a world where Kindness Matters – NO MATTER who you are!

I like to think everyone is more capable of Living their Best Life, if we only set aside others expectations of us. It’s your life, lets start living it the way we want to.

I’m no expert on Living My Best Life; however, I am an expert on what I don’t like ~ 2020 is going to be ALL about ‘only going to those tables who serve Love Sweet Love.. It matters not what you look like, who you love, how much money you have, what your job is ~ What I want to know more about ‘What Brings YOU Joy in the Moment. Let’s start from there.

I now understand how these keys work and how happy they are when my finger tips grace each letter… kinda like a little dance and she wants me to do more of it..Yes indeed, little Penny, you and little Birdie will show me the way, remind me why we do the things we do. You’ll remind me (often, I am sure) to Come THIS Way! Slow and steady, we all will unpack our backpacks, sit with our stories knowing we are more than some words jumbled together by other people and Be Brave Together as we Love more starting today.

And so here are a few take-aways of the view from my chair:

  1. We are exactly where life and the Universe wants us to be. REALLY .. yes, really ..
  2. There is not a dang thing wrong, or misplaced or off about you ..
  3. You are PERFECT just as you are .. perhaps, read that again and again…
  4. It never really mattered what others thought of you .. read THAT again also
  5. Accept the notion of you being loveable just as you are.. bc YOU ARE…
  6. Accept the notion of many people loving you just as you are.. yup, read that again..
  7. Putting your hand over your heart and remembering why you are here.. If you have a pulse, you have a purpose..
  8. Life is more beautiful than we can even fathom..
  9. I am Blessed to have many folks who love me for my quirkinesses et all
  10. I Love walking this path with many bright and beautiful souls, folks like you and you

As always, thank you for dropping in to read the view from my chair, I appreciate it. I’m hopeful, you too spend some time realizing how much more beautiful your life is.

Until next time, Happy New Year

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