Let Me Be Brave Today🧡❤️

Have you ever wondered how you arrived at a place?

What lessons awaited your arrival? Would you be brave to receive them?

WOW, we sure missed you! Your words, how they danced on this Blog and how they allowed us to ponder and process with you.

I’ve been hearing this message for months and months~ get back to writing, sharing your messages and Being Brave again!

And so, welcome back to reading, to celebrating, for encouraging and most of all for chuckling along with me as I go yikes often with this new wordpress stuff 🙀🤦🏼‍♀️

This photo says so much, about life, about love, about healing and about sacred spaces where we heal ourselves and others. I’m getting a bit ahead of myself,however, find your chair, wipe the dust off and please join me as we set about to share my view from the chair.. Sure hope you’ll join me.

In the meantime, Thank You seems so insignificant, however it’s heartfelt when I say ‘it comes from a place of gratitude for each person who has walked with me to this moment and place in time. Ya often carried me when I couldn’t walk, and now I’m back to say ‘O Happy Day … Let’s Be Brave together 💕🌸🙌


4 Replies to “Let Me Be Brave Today🧡❤️”

  1. I was so thrilled to see this! I really enjoy your writings. Book draft soon? Lunch or dinner or coffee soon?

    Have a wonderful week! Sharon

    Sharon Gilroy-Dreher, CHRL Stork Holdings sdreher@on.aibn.com

    Sent from my iPhone



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