All we need is a little bit of Love ..

There are many people out in the world who are craving the simple needs in Life.. To Be Loved for who they are. And those same individuals may never feel the same Love that you or I feel.  THAT my friends is such a shame.

Christmas - tree needs love

Perhaps this Christmas is not about the packages, boxes or bags but an opportunity for us to share our gifts with someone who may require them. GIFTS – humm what if I don’t have any. Darl’n we ALL have gifts and the fun in life is to unpack and share them.

As I sit here to type type type, I think of the friends I stopped in to see today; I felt their kindness as we chatted, laughed and shared ‘as we call it awkward hugs and I now carry that feeling of Love with me until the next time we meet.  I think of those Spirited Gals who continue to Shine their Bright Light through meditation, stories of empowering women to be their best in each moment, meaningful conversations, or just their vibration of pure love. I cannot help but smile from ear to ear knowing that my Tribe is one of Love and encouragement and support. I think of the many folks I silently send Love and Compassion to each day.

I think of this notion of “Kindness breeds Kindness” and Kindness Matters because if there IS ONE thing I have come to learn in 2017 it is: We can never have enough Kindness or Love in our day.  I think of my grandmothers who have passed and how all they wanted to share is their love for their grandchildren. A funny observation today,  I see that same gift Gertrude loves to give to her five grandchildren; more so at Christmas as she stresses about the gifts because how can one have Christmas without gifts.  And there is me who struggles at Christmas; I love to keep the notion of Christmas in my heart ALL year-long so when it arrives in a few days, it is odd for me to receive gifts because that is what we do. Hog Wash I’d like to say for my Tribe knows I am beyond grateful for them each day. I remind them what bright and shining gifts they are to me and I am filled with gratitude everyday not just one day – this has never fit into ‘my box of Life.

And for as much as I know and feel HOW Loved I am I also understand the struggles many folks experience not feeling loved or receiving any after December 25th.  Maybe this year we can learn to appreciate folks where they are and AS they are. Maybe this year we can give Love to every little tree that requires it. Smile a little more often, hand out kindness for free to folks we pass in the halls, the office, the malls, every where we go let no person feel like they are un-lovable.

Wouldn’t it be Epic if for one week all we did was LOVE MORE..  ‘Joy to the World and Merry Christmas to each of you. 


As we prepare for this hectic week, the week of looking for that perfect gift… May I remind you to Look Inside for that is the gift folks really want.. You Time .. Your Love.

And so the view from the chair today provides a few take-aways; that is, if you have time to read them.

  1. Think of what a Beautiful World it would be – Love Sweet Love
  2. Perhaps you could be kind to someone who requires your kindness
  3. Try to understand everyone was not raised in a home like yours
  4. Try to remember everyone had a different childhood
  5. Try to remember – everyone wants the same thing: to be Loved and told they Matter
  6. Double Dare you to find Joy in the Moment .. EACH moment
  7. Show your gratitude to someone with NO gift giving
  8. Do you take the time to reflect on how Blessed you are
  9. Say Thank You to the Universe for always having your back
  10. Perhaps take a moment to Thank someone for being a Champion in your world

As always, I appreciate you stopping in to read my Blog and hopefully you may find a nugget or two that you can carry with you. Life is more magical that we acknowledge, yes indeed it sure is!


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