You May Say I’m a Dreamer..But I’m not the only one..

(Dislaimer – as a newbie to this tech piece, please bear with me)

What a beautiful gift my buddy Glenn gave me when he suggested I read “Quiet” by Susan Cain. The light bulb went off and perhaps I can safely say “it Broke as I read each page and found myself saying YES – YES – Yeah that’s me – what the heck Jaye’s an Introvert! Perhaps all of us will go back and read and re-read that line. Yes indeed THAT Book was written for me.. Thanks so much Glenn …

It has been many of an Epic days n nights being in this log cabin cottage writing away with the fireplace crackling in the background. Wow the power that Grace washes over ones soul when they are invited to dig a bit deeper.. to listen to their own vibration…to ask Penny what she requires.

And for many of you I am quite confident you will have NO clue what the heck I am writing about.. Yes indeed.. you may say I am a dreamer but what I know for sure I’m not the only one! I am not lost nor no longer blind bc ya see I see and feel the very vibration that Penny has guided me to see and feel.. A Big Ass O Happy Day with an even bigger Joy in the Moment at 6:25pm..

And now back to the book “Quiet”.. ya see it speaks about so many traits that I relate to; that I gravitate to; that I understand and then I felt the fry pan whack me..  ya see being an extrovert my entire life was a mask that I like many people wear or have worn to shelter them for hurt, sadness, anger et all ALL the emotions they never knew how to process – or what to do with; how to communicate about them et all. AND truth be told it is ALL of the traits of an introvert that are the Real me.. Well WHO KNEW.. Susan Cain speaks it all.

And so now the question of the day: what makes your life different when you return to the “Real World”. Kinda funny and poignant for me because it allows me to ponder even more; to do the ‘Damn internal work of figuring out triggers and how to communicate them. My reality I share with you today is one that keeps visiting me and now I understand it better. Let me explain below..

How many of us saunter through life on auto pilot; allowing someone else to make the decisions, tell us how to be and insist their way IS the way. Well, I have a little critter who  erupts like a volcano when I do not ‘show up like they think I should show up. Many folks have said ‘its not you, its them; you are not that person and remember how unique, amazing and brilliant you are — kinda like I am looking into a mirror telling myself the many things I remind each of you about. How did the train come off the track and jump so far away that trying to bring it back may be next to impossible because ya see the trains have different engines, different drivers and different routes. I understand this point, yet I am not convinced the other engine operator understands the concept we can be different and yet walk the same path of encouragement and respect.

Being loud and boisterous is really not who I am; ‘Quiet reminds me we can be employed in an extroverted job/work environment and be a true introvert when we leave our jobs – Another Fry Pan moment for me. I excel in my job; I engage with the folks in my programs and the senior folks just love and admire me for I pay attention to them. I admire them and listen to them, traits I am learning are important to me. Bring out your Tool Kit Jaye and look in the bottom section to find a tool that will allow you to work through this Yikes. The message I am receiving is ‘go back to the Four A’s – which one are you not receiving from this situation! Humm.. off a pondering I go yet again..

And as we start to creep towards our year in review, I invite you to witness HOW far you have grown in twelve months. I like to remind myself it IS those little moments that make up the Big Moments when I do my review.  Ponder often and be filled with gratitude for your own brilliant, amazing year and feel so blessed for the numerous magical moments you have experienced. Perhaps take a moment to appreciate the Loud and boisterous or Quiet and reflective person you are.  Celebrate the person you are in this moment and if you are a Dreamer, please join me as we sing away.

And so the view from the chair today provides a few take-aways; that is, if you have time to read them.

  1. It’s fine if you are a Dreamer – Continue on ..
  2. If you have a Dream – Never give up even if folks doubt you .. Its YOUR Dream
  3. Do you know what brings you JOY in the Moment or what makes your Heart Sing
  4. Do you like who you are – Loud or Quiet – Introvert or Extrovert
  5. Have you been running on empty for a long time, if so why
  6. How do you recharge when you go home at night
  7. Do you take the time to reflect on how Blessed you are
  8. When was the last time you fed your own Fire of Creativity
  9. Are you able to Celebrate your AHH – HAA Moments since January
  10. You are a Bright and Beautiful Light, may you never forget it

As always, I appreciate you stopping in to read my Blog and hopefully you may find a nugget or two that you can carry with you. Life is more magical that we acknowledge, yes indeed it sure is!


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