What IS Your Energy when you walk in..

Beautiful path

Do you ever wonder what arrives before you do in a room? I am trying something new today whereby I take my Blog outside to a location to “feel” the Vibes in the room and hopefully it will feed my creative side.

As I sit here drinking my Tumeric Latte, I look around, I listen to the chatter, I smile and take it all in. It is that gentle reminder that everyone is so busy Living their own life; busy with being in their own bubble; busy with getting in and getting out they often forget to stop and just be. I chuckle to myself because Holy Wow We are addicted to this notion of Busi-ness and we don’t even know it.

I sit and wonder “WHAT are our Messages?” What do we want to bring with us when we enter a room for the sake of the Universe, our Energy arrives before we do. Humm — allow that to sit for a minute – ponder – I watched folks walking in and I could pick the ones I wanted to interact with, meet or say Hello to AND the ones I thought perhaps they got out of the wrong side of the bed.

Do we even understand the issues that we carry in our pockets each day.  Our vibration that comes along for the ride and weaves in and out over top of us and what folks feel before we enter the room. I invite you to take a moment to remember a time when you entered a room or a restaurant and felt like “I am home” and you were unsure how to describe the feeling other than to know you feel comfortable there. That’s the feeling I want to have each day; perhaps not 24 hours eachday, afterall, a girl can dream. Its the vibration of Kindness breeding Kindness; the vibration of Love rather than hate; the vibration of wanting the best not only for me but for you as well. (Hope and space) My struggles these days are around people feeling the need to bring people down; to spuu hate; yell at others and to judge each action folks make without first asking questions for clarity. I am not sure what has happened to us in the world where we cannot offer our hand to another perosn who is struggling; offer Hope and Space for folks to heal and to Just Be as they are in that exact moment.

I see our path in life as one where we walk alone to listen to hear what our little girl wants most of – for – from us and then to invite many, many folks to walk beside us and be our friends. It is these connections that allow our vibration to increase and rise up to where it is meant to be. We are no greater or less than another soul and thru the vibrations we bring with us, we encourage others to rise up and be the best version of themselves they too can be.

Well, Day one of writing out in the real world, here are some takeways from the view from my chair

  1. Just Be – no more – no less
  2. Stop and Slow down each day
  3. Drop the notion of being Busy – what IS Busy anyway
  4. Be Curious and Observe People – imagine what you can witness
  5. Gentle Reminder – Life is Happening TO you not for you
  6. Whats your Vibe when you enter the room? Do folks say Yikes and look away?
  7. Smile more and Spread more Kindness


As always, thank you for taking the time to drop in and read my Blog. Hopefully you were able to grab a nugget or three to carry in your toolkit. Life is more magical than we acknoweldge, yes indeed it sure is.







do we even undertsnad the issues that wew carry with us each day; from the day before, the argumemnt , th efun part, the oike of feeling alone and lonly. WHAT is that anyway ..

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