You Forgot to Love Yourself

name-what-you-love-love-me.jpgYou forgot to Love Yourself first now what?

In the past two weeks I have spoken with many women who have said  “I gave my Love to everyone and now I have no more to give to Myself.”  And so may I say ‘I sure know that feeling.. Yikes..

Speaking with my Soul Sistaha’s from different spaces, and Spiritual groups many spoke about finally understanding something didn’t seem right. This notion about having given so much to everyone be it in their families; their work; their business and now they are exhausted wondering what went wrong or why they are “not feeling themsleves.”  We spoke about Now being the time to Step up and embrace who we are, to be vulnerable enough to speak up about our struggles and to understand many others are here to support each other without judgement Ever. We have cried, laughed, cheered said F-U together and after observing many conversations, sharing circles et all, we felt so empowered knowing Life is Magical and so are we. Hit the Love Button all around on women doing their inner healing work. Thank you to these women for sharing with me.

This Lions-Gate Full Moon – New Moon week of releasing the old and embracing the new has shown up in ways I cannot describe. Vivid dreams coupled with writing on copious pages what I wanted to release – let go and then what would I desire, imagine, manifest, dream of for me as I walk into a new day. The full moon ceremony of burning said pages in my sage bowl under her bright moon and feeling the inner peace from the Universe was epic for me. I know I have entered a new zone filled with gratitude, peace and this feeling inside me is all I want for every other ‘Soulful Sistah I meet along Life’s highway.

Two Themes showed up for me this week and I’d love to share with you and you:

Vulnerability: I’ve learned that the more vulnerable I allow myself to be the more in control of myself I am.  Many of us feel that we can only show our strong, confident side. We believe the face we have to show to the world should always be one of  politeness, perfection, calm, strength and control.

While it is certainly good and often appropriate to be in control, calm, strong, there is another side to all of us – that part of us that feels needy, becomes frightened, has doubts and gets angry. That part of us that requires care, love,and reassurance that things will be okay. Expressing these needs makes us vulnerable and less than perfect, but this side requires our acceptance too. (Remember one of my previous Blogs – the 4A’s)

Allowing ourselves to be vulnerable will help us build lasting relationships. Sharing our vulnerabilities helps us feel close to people and helps others feel close to us. It helps us grow in self-love and self-acceptance. It helps us become healing agents. It allows us to become whole and accessible to others.

 Healing:  Let healing energy flow through your body. The healing energy of the Universe and  life surrounds us. It is available, waiting for us to draw on it, waiting for us to draw it in. It’s waiting on the words of a whispered prayer, in a gentle hug/touch,  a positive word, a positive thought. Healing energy is in the sun, the wind, the rain in all that is good. Let this sink in for a moment and Just Be. Allow Healing energy to come. Attract it. Accept it. Let it soak in, Breathe in the golden light, Exhale. Let go of fear, anger, hurt, doubt. Allow healing energy to flow to you, through you. It is yours for the asking, the believing.

Now that the struggle is over, I walk looking up to see the energy that is around me and I can say this feeling is one of peacefulness, free of worry and free of guilt. I Invite you to let your guard down and show up as that Beautiful and Authentic Soul you were meant to be.

Humm.. What are a few of my take-aways from this view from my chair..

  1. When you Love yourself first, you will always have more Love to give AND you will receive more (much, much, more than you ever can imagine)
  2. Today, I will allow myself to be vulnerable with others when it’s a safe and appropriate to do so
  3. Gentle reminder there is NO Perfect.. Invite yourself to always remember this
  4. I invite you to be brave and show up as you are meant to be – no more and no less than you are. (perhaps read and re-read this over and over)
  5. Witness the difference your circle and your strength becomes when we share our struggles
  6. Allow others to share their struggles as you sit in silence and support their being brave AND remind yourself there is no requirement to reply or offer suggestions.
  7. May you remember that your light shines so bright and far, you have no idea how far and wide it reaches
  8. Cut yourself some slack there ‘Delilah because You ARE ENOUGH .. side note “Hey there Delilah is one of my fav songs
  9. And finally Celebrate the BigWins in your world because we know it IS the Little things that make up the fabric of our life. FACT

And as always, thanks for dropping by to read my view from the chair. I appreciate it and you. Now get out there and Shine that Bright Light of yours






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