Allow People to Walk Away

People walk awayEvery person you meet on your walk is there to show you something about yourself you did not know before hand.  When you have gathered the required lesson or information often they leave for the next experience. What I am learning is those people did not abandon you, rather their role in your life has ended.

When we vibe on a higher level we require people to meet us on that high vibe. The disappointment comes when others are not on the same vibe frequency.  Another lesson I have learned was there is no requirement for everyone I come in contact with to be on that same page – frequency that I am on. That would be similar to me wanting everyone to like chocolate ice cream and we know how well that works. We become calmer when we understand differences are gifts and observing what someone may be teaching us is the key. Take judgement out of your pocket for we are no more or less than they are, we may be further on our walk is the only difference.

For me one of my struggles was in thinking I was required to hang on for dear life to those who came into my life. Safe to reveal now that is not the case because if folks who I thought were friends were waiting for something in return from me the reality was its a business transaction and not a friendship. This is also a ‘figurative thought in that friends give from their heart and if not heartfelt they do have an expectation of getting something in return. Once I learn and relearn and revisit this notion, I observe my behavior which allows me to better understand that holding on so tight to someone/a notion/a thought/a memory means I cannot invite or welcome the new opportunities that are waiting for me to enter my life.

When I was able to start to examine this practice low and behold new opportunities came to me and so did new Wise Women with many ahh haa moments to share with me. The difference this time was their vibration was higher, they spoke about goals, about dreams and we started to encourage and celebrate each other. Amazing Grace and ‘Suzuki gently remind me how the earth feeds us, how nature inspires us, our laughter sustains us and how Love sweet Love heals us. This new Tribe of mine is a tribe that vibrates from the penthouse in life, where we are free of judgement, competition and where we set our ego’s at the elevator door. We arrive at our destination in the Penthouse where we celebrate, encourage and plant our seeds of pure potential. It is with the support and love of my new tribe that I have stepped out to dance a new dance and write this blog with confidence and excitement for the folks who read it. Insert eye rolls for those who think ego dictates this – hahaha is my reply for my ego sits on the side as I whisper softly ‘I no longer require acceptance or approval from folks who are not ‘viben’ with me. Thank you Baby Jesus!

Some take-aways from my chair:

  1. Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t – embrace that
  2. Vibe like only you can because you will find your Tribe – Fact
  3. Just Breathe, keep going your Tribe will find you at your higher vibration
  4. Not everyone is gonna like you – you are not Nutella
  5. There is no requirement to hold on to people so tight,  you often miss new opportunities when we let fear of losing lead us. Perhaps they were meant to fly
  6. If the Energy doesn’t feel good in your heart, then its not for you
  7. As Lenard Coehn reminds us: There is a crack in everything.. that’s how the lights gets in.
  8. Only those who care about you can hear you when you’re quiet
  9. Love yourself so much that when someone treats you wrong, you recognize it.

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