The 4A’s and Going One Quarter of the Way…

Aug One quaterParadise Valley Wellness Centre teaches us that we have Four Fundamental Emotional Needs: Attention; Affection; Appreciation and Acceptance. If we do not get them we often act out or find other ways to fill this void and often it turns into some sort of addiction.

Looking back I see that I required all of them and often I acted out to receive them from someone- anyone. Now that I know better, these have become Pillars for how I live. I understand that I require these in their truest form and now carry tools to correct my actions before they become unhealthy because staff and life have taught me how to recognize the 4 A’s for my emotional health.

A Wise Soul taught me a lesson that I carry with me along with these 4A’s. When busy on a project; giving of my time may I always remember that I only have so much energy and if I give it all away, I will have nothing to get me home or to give to myself. When I feel tired or unwell,  I remember this plate that quotes the notion of having “one quarter energy to give to others will allow me to have one quarter energy to get me back home.” I am reminded of this a lot of late as I find that many people are busy with life, expecting all of us to give – give – give and then give some more. At what point do we put up our hand and say “Wait” I have nothing left to get me home, to get me back to myself.

Do you ever wonder:  we are running to find that perfect dress, date, meeting, vacation, gift, mate, experience that we often forget about this exact moment? People are running on auto-pilot and don’t even know it. We see people in the fast food drive thru just waiting for a heart-attack to happen, we shove the food in until we cannot move and we drink until we don’t feel anything. Then we come home to sit infront of the TV watching episodes of non-important shows usually falling asleep and finally end up in bed looking for that restful sleep. Humm – we do this for 75 years and call it a life. I say Yikes to that..

Another thought of the 4 A’s and communication. In this amazing world of technology with so much information at our finger tips I find more and more we are experiencing difficulty communicating with each other.  Why is it so hard to express what we think and feel? I have discovered through my travels that we are losing the ability to effectively communicate, even when it comes down to the simplest task such as ordering lunch. We scramble to get our point across hoping the waitress didn’t think we were an idiot.  If we find it a chore to express our thoughts and feelings to others than how do you think we are communicating with the Universe? When we become self-conscious about what others think, we stifle our human and spiritual growth. The ability to clarify our needs to achieve our goals is part of our daily life whether we like it out not. So get into the groove of communicating with others and before long you will be the efficient communicator to the Universe that you came to this life to be, living an authentic and meaningful life. 

A few take-aways that may help you:

1. Think about the 4A’s .. is there something you are missing? Do you crave one of these? Do you act out to receive one?

2. Do you often go or give more than one quarter of your energy that you have nothing less for yourself? What can you change?

3. How do you show up for your life.. Do you communicate what you require? Are you afraid to say what you require?

4. Does any of this resonate with you or are you saying – what the heck is she saying.. 

As always, thanks so much for dropping in to read my view from my chair. May today be the day where you realize You ARE a Bright Light who shines more than you will ever realize.. I see it and I hope you do as well.. 

2 Replies to “The 4A’s and Going One Quarter of the Way…”

  1. Loved reading about the 4 A’s and the balance we need to be mindful of so we have enough energy left to get home.


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