Less Juding .. More Loving

Aug - be kind or be quiet


Whatttt another post so soon.. Are you on Fire or what..

It behooves me when someone in the public eye dies by suicide and folks talk and talk and talk about them et all.

Folks, let’s be kind, show kindness to everyone who has ever said Yikes, I am just not myself today.

I clearly remember when I was in the depths of my chemotherapy treatments and I thought ending it was better than continuing on. A symptom of a cancer journey that often is spoken about, however, more so, it gets swept under the mat and never spoken again.  We fight, we fight, we never surrender and yet we find it inside of us to fight some more. Our minds are such a strong beast and sometimes the tragedy of life is that folks want to release the pain they feel, end the jargon that is inside them and feel like they are on an island of their own with no one caring about them.

Think about the stigma of raising one’s hand to say ‘Hey, today I am not feeling myself, I feel anxious for no reason and I cannot get out of bed. Now magnify that 100 or 200% when you are not well and ta-daa the Mental Health Monster has arrived.

I was lucky because I had an incredible medical team who spoke of the pitfalls of living with cancer. I also had a father, a grandfather and numerous friends et all with mental health issues. Yes indeed, I know the signs and symptoms of not feeling yourself. I am also a huge advocate for youth with mental health issues and an ambassador for sicknotweak.com community.

PEOPLE – we have to stop this irresponsible bashing of others who are suffering and/or doing the best they can with what they have today. I can tell folks I am recovering from throat cancer and they want to help me; If I say I have anxiety or struggle in my life people dismiss me and my feelings. Parents are embarrassed to say their child is struggling with life for fear that society says it is their fault – are you kidding me STOP that. We have a responsibility to make sure everyone is heard; that they know they matter and that they understand there is nothing wrong with them. I make it my mission to remind our youth that Life is hard sometimes and there is NO Perfect Life and we learn the most when we stumble and fall. It is okay if they do not know what they want to be or do because this thing called Adulting is difficult and yet this thing call Adulting is the most magical time of their life. I want them to feel they can say anything and we are here to support them. Let’s raise people up rather than kick them to the ground. And so this is all I have to say about that.

I invite you to be that supportive person for someone who is struggling today with any mental health issue. Allow them to speak with you openly and be silent as you listen to their voice as it shakes, as they stumble to find the words and as they cry; and may your first words in reply to them be: Thank you for trusting me enough to share and How can I support you today.

Life is so simple when we share our heart with another.

May all those souls who were taken via suicide rest in Peace today. May their families feel the compassion as their community wraps them in a loving hug with plenty of understanding and support. No requirement to judge — just love  sweet love.

As always, Thank you for dropping in to read my blog.













2 Replies to “Less Juding .. More Loving”

  1. Wow… this post brought tears to my eyes. What a wise woman you are! Having had many episodes of “not myself today”, including one from which I was lucky to be pulled from the brink, I’m compelled to pay it forward for those who continue to suffer. To hold space when they are suffering and to hopefully point to hope that recovery is possible. This was so beautifully articulated here.


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