I Carry your Heart ….

i carry you

Here is my “Happy Heart Story”

Back in the day when it was emotions or no emotions.. people vs no people it was rather difficult for me to feel Life as it was happening to me. No one ever taught me what the heck to do with all of these bottled up emotions – this sadness that I carried with me for what seemed like a lifetime and a lifetime ago.  And yet I could feel gratitude, I would always run away from it. As time went on I understood that feelings were a part of life – yikes I now had to feel.

Funny story: when I went to one of the many therapists who have helped me; she was trying to teach me about feelings and how they were an everyday thing. “Normal” folks expressed their feelings and did this thing called hugging! Each week she would give me homework and most often I returned to receive my gold star. That was until she gave me a simple task that took me four weeks to complete; YES four weeks for me to hugg 10 people in 7 days. Each week as my session started, she would say hello and how successful were you achieving this task. My reply for three weeks was I did not hugg 10 people and remind me again why I am supposed to hugg people or why I am doing this. We often laughed about this and then she would say, the session is over and see you next week when you have the task completed. This took all of fifteen minutes and always off I went to ponder and to wonder even more. I gotta tell ya it WAS the MOST awkward thing I ever had to do. My co-workers and friends laughed at me because REALLY.. you couldn’t complete the task. And so this is very funny now because now I LOVE being a hugger and since learning the new heart to heart way I LOVE it even more.

Throughout the sorrow of people passing, shattered dreams and other drama in life one thing I was able to learn from many of the people who helped me with this task is I was able to take their kindness and put it in a little book within my heart and I always called it my Happy Heart Book. Those who are lucky to be in it have their own page and it reminds me of times when kindness came into my life.

Fast forward to what seems like forever, I now carry that same book within my heart, however it has a different vibe now. I say with such pride that now I collect precious moments, times shared, laughter had and of people sharing their love and laughter with me. Ya see I can feel my happy heart beating and I can feel when she is smiling and so happy for both of us. And now when someone passes or is no longer in my circle, I can refer to my book because somewhere inside is a page whereby we smiled and laughed together and there is no sadness like before. I better understand that life is meant to be loved and shared with.

What do I hope you take away from this … Not everyone who enters your world will stay in it. The ebb and flow of life dictates that life is like a Tree

  1. I invite people who are the Leaves and come in for a brief time shake me up a bit, share a lesson or two and leave.
  2. I invite people who are the Branches and come in for a time to teach me something about myself, perhaps re-align me in a different direction; inspire me to do something. They go out on a limb with me and allow me to branch out without them.
  3. I invite people who are the Roots who come in for ever as if our souls were connected in another lifetime or we ‘get each other or just because. They plant themselves beside me and together we walk loving, encouraging and cheering each other as are roots are planted deeper in the soil of life.

And in each relationship, no matter where it ends up there is always a piece of that tree that ends up in my Happy Heart Book. I am grateful for each one of those pages and for you stopping by to read this today.

Until we meet again, continue to Shine your Bright Beautiful Light..

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