And so it begins …. O Happy Day

Have you ever felt this nudge, this humm what it this thing that keeps re-occuring in my mind over and over? Well, THIS is my re-occuring nudge that has been here for two years. A funny thing happened last week that has allowed me to ‘live on the edge and write in this spot about .. well things; feelings; events and often random thoughts of Things I have learned along Life’s Highway.

If you arrived here looking for pointers; references to another page that has more information et all; you have arrived at the incorrect spot. I will probably not share with you resources, justifications on why I think like I do because well.. I beat to a different drummer; I observe more now than I ever have and my goal is to possibly allow you to see that you are Perfect just as you are in this exact moment.

If you arrived here looking for a feel good read — I got your back and you may smile and perhaps laugh a bit because often I share things about life, my life that really are happening or have happened that often I think R U Kidding me. I write the way I speak and if you are wanting to invite me to Spell-Check, I may laugh at you and say Really.. This is about me selecting a certain theme/idea/question and then eleborating through sharing, laughing, inspiring, loving and allowing me to perhaps make your day. In my world Kindess Matters, people matter because we are all the same and everyone wants to know They Matter to someone.. Simple and easy things and in the end to remind folks to Just Be..

Okay, well let’s get this party started.. lol

I am humbled to be doing this blog thing because it allows me to share stories with folks as all of us continuing walking on this path called Life.

And as the story starts.. Once upon a time.. long long time ha ha ha a little girl was born.. Stay Tuned..




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